"Enamoured" 5x6x4 $90
"Tiny Brides" 10x10 $200
"Friend on the Farm" 8x10 $200
"Edwin" 10x10
"Lucie and Trixie" 12x12 $300
"Miniature Regatta" 6x6 $75
"A Reunion Long Overdue" 20x50, $1200
"Grace and Molly" 8x8 $100
"Cavalcade Passing" 6x6 $75
"On The Point" 6x6 $75
"I Retreat" 6x6 $75
"Breathing In" 8x10
"Peace in the Mountains" 30x30 $900
"Two Cups of Sugar" 18"x24"
"Leaps and Bounds II"
"Leaps and Bounds I"
"Who's Boss" 12x12
"Moving Swiftly, On My Way" 13x40 $700
"Delia" 6x6 $75
"Jessie May" 9x12 $250
"Layla" 6x6 $75
"Hank" 6x8 $95
"Chloe" 6x6 $75
"Gianna and Trisha" 10x10 $240
"Lone Paddler" 6X6 $75
"Growing Pains" 6x6 $75
"Cailli & Sam" 6x6 $75
"Luella" 11x14 $300
"I'll Just Pretend" 8x8 $100
"Morgan and Missy" 6x6
"Home Team" 8x8 $100
"Flying Through Flurries" 8x8 $100
"Sophie" 6x8
"Sam and Georgia" 6x8 $95
"Fawning Over You" 6x6 $75
"Away With Me" 12x12
"Shining On You" 12x12
"Prairie Dreams" 40x40 $1500
"North Shore Regatta" 20x50
"The Scouts" 12x12
''Lilly, Mac & Wolf" 6x6 $75
"Bessie" 6x6
"That Memory Endears" 12x12
"Shall I Lead" 12x12
"On The Other Side" 50x30
"Full of Heart" 12x10
"Finding My Equilibrium" 13x40
"None So Pretty" 48x36
"Lulling Song" 6x7 $75
"The Continental Divide" 6x6
"It's Easy to Fall in Love" 6x6
"Grazer" 6x6
"Gemini" 6x6
"Bending Backwards" 6x6
"Bella" 6x6
"His Soul Purpose" 16x20
"Moving Forward, Starting Over" 40x40 $1500
"Rowing Backward Through Time" 30x30
"To Make Believe"
"No Limits" 6x6
"Farewell" 12x25
"My Little One" 9x12
"Building Trust" 6x8
"Excursion" 8x5
"Miles" 6x8
"Across The Fence" 6x6
"Wish I Was" 6x6
"Paso Fino" 5.5x5.5
"Meaford In November" 6x8
"Winter Daydream" 9x12
"Winter Sun" 5x5
"Mother Sea" 6x6
"The Ultimate Ocassion" 16x20 $700
"Take Care of In Any Case" 12x16 $500
"Pony Up" 6x6
"Lost and Found in Leadville" 30x30
"Thoughts Adrift" 30x40
"Lost and Found in Belvedere" 30x30
"Adrift and Away" 12x24 $600
"Littleton" 30x40
"Dive In" 12x24
"Battle of the Boy Least Likely" 6x12
"Escaping West" 5x20
"Around The Maypole" 6x12
"Memorandum for April Passing" 13x40
"Memorandum for August Passing" 13x40
"Quadrants Shifting" 9x12 $200
"Her Last Train" 16x12
"Breckenridge Social Club" 37x48
"Sunday Morning" 7x8
"Once In the Field" 30x50
"Road to Somewhere" 18x24 $500
"Backward Somersault" 20x40
"I Hear Time Passing" 16x20
"Her Mode of Travel" 8x8
"Our Love for Him" 6x9
"Steady as She Goes" 8x8
"Delight in the Ordinary" 6x9
"Blacky and the Kids" 12x24
" I Wonder How Far and How Oft" 20x24
"Deardre" 5x7
"Each Village" 8x10
"Shirley's Sister" 6x9
"Boaters" 3x4
"Where I First Remember" 8x10
"Stay As You Are" 6x9
"Stoccato and Oberon" 20x24
"La Belle" 6x9
"Fi" 6x9
"The Formans" 12x24
"Heidi" 6x9
"Lilly" 8x10
"Andie" 15x9
"Bri" 5x10
"Chandler" 8x16
"Man in Waiting"  12x12
"Christopher" 12x12
"A Vision of You" 20x20
"Roper West"